Celebrating Our Divine Designs

Workshop for Women

The Celebrating Our Divine Designs Workshop is a 6 class workshop that extends over a six week period. This workshop has been created to support and assist you in coming to a new level of awareness of the amazing divine design for men and women. When we understand the complementary nature of this divine design, it openings up the possibility for us to create the kinds of relationships we want.

Gain Understanding of….

  • Our Divine Designs as men and women
  • The #1 thing that women do to sabotage their relationships with men
  • How our perceptions and the truth relate
  • What happens when we enter a space where our feelings are hurt
  • How to better relate to the men in your life – including sons, husbands, fathers, brothers, coworkers, boss

Tools to….

  • Release past hurts and move toward healing
  • Create the connections with men that you desire

Dates to be announced soon….

Celebrating Our Divine Designs for Men

6-week course


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