We offer additional services to assist and support you on your journey to wholeness.

Personalized Individual Coaching

I believe that you already have the answers you seek within you. But trauma, disappointments, and life experiences create barriers and distortion that get in the way. Through coaching, we work on removing those things that are getting in your way of you being able to receive those answers. CLICK HERE for more information and pricing.

For more details about my coaching process, CLICK HERE to visit my coaching website at Heart Link 2 Healing.

Foot Zone Therapy

Foot zonology or foot zone therapy uses acupressure to treat different points in the feet but unlike acupressure alone, foot zoning works to simulate lymph flow, hormone balance, digestion, elimination, blood circulation, and functions of the autonomic nervous system. Benefits include renewing of life energy and bringing the body back in to balance. Also stimulates cell system renewal resulting in improved health and vitality. CLICK HERE for more information and pricing.


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