Skipping Through The Forest While Finding My Core Values

This was a weekend of much pondering for me. Both Friday and Saturday I had the blessing and opportunity to be with some incredible women and experience Forest Bathing events. And just in case you were wondering…, I was not running naked through the forest! Believe me, the weather was still quite chilly with rain and wind even with the many layers of clothing I had on, so no clothing was coming off! But I digress as that is not the point of Forest Bathing anyway. Forest Bathing is an immersion in nature and has only recently come into my experience through two amazing women, Sandra Bosteder and Jennifer Anderson, both certified Forest Therapy guides. Both of these remarkable women come with the intention and desire to share their love of nature while inviting you to draw from the healing energy that Mother Nature and Father Sky have to offer us. It is a slowing down, a being present, a pondering, a receiving of answers, a letting go, a sharing of gifts, an exchange of essence. To learn more about these awesome women and what they offer, I invite you to visit their websites.  You can find Sandra at and Jennifer at

We also had the opportunity to be taught by Marnae Hobson who is such an incredible teacher and mentor. I invite you to check out her workshops and retreats at Mountain Air Retreats. Among other things, she spoke about vision boards; how often people who are not successful at manifesting or creating what they have posted on their vision boards is due to their misalignment or not living congruently with their core values. She went on to say that in her experience, she has found that a majority of people have no awareness of what their core values are. You may recall, I spoke a little about Core Values in my blog article titled “Where Love Lives” and suggested that when someone is dating to marry, to look for someone with shared Core Values rather than focusing on common interests in order to truly find that someone with whom you will create deep connections with. Click here to read the blog. Marnae also mentions the need to differentiate between Core Values and personality traits. So if your Core Values are not common interests and not personality traits, what are they?

Your “Higher Self” (spirit) knows when you are not congruent or living in alignment with your Core Values. This incongruence results in resistance and lack of energy and flow; a veritable tug-of-war. For example, a few of my Core Values include Family, Peace, and Fun. As I pondered areas in my life where I am incongruent or not living in alignment with my Core Values, I thought of my desire to have health and vitality.  When I am in alignment, eating healthy and exercising, I experience peace and enjoy having fun with my family. When I am out of alignment, I often choose foods that contain high sugar content and my attempts at exercise wane. I don’t feel good, my body aches, I can get depressed, I’m not at peace and I don’t what to be around others. All these things are out of alignment with my Core Values.

Another example is my desire to nurture close relationships with my children and grandchildren. When I stay present and connected, focus on people, spend time with them, listen to what they have to say, learn what is going on in their lives and let go of my list of all that needs to be done, I am in alignment and experience more peace, family and fun. When my priority is based on things I have to get done, spend my time on accomplishing all the “doing”, focus on my phone or other forms of not being present, I am out of alignment, I feel disconnected from my family which affects my ability to enjoy peace and have fun.

If you haven’t done so yet, I invited you to ponder and consider what your Core Values are. Are you living in alignment with your Core Values? What could you change in your life to create more alignment with your Core Values? Please share your thoughts and experiences.

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