As the time has drawn nearer for the celebration of Mother’s day, I have had the opportunity to reflect on many things. First on my own personal experience of being a mother of four children, 3 girls and 1 boy; and remembering the abundant joy I felt with each new baby and acknowledging this amazing new life who had just recently come from heaven be placed in my care.  

I think of all the things that I messed up on. I wish I could erase some things and paint in a new and upgraded version. Times when I was too impatient and allowed my frustration to get the better of me. When I was too involved in my own self-absorption to see the pain and hurt my children were experiencing. When I was too overwhelmed to enjoy the sweet and quiet moments. When I was too tired from working all day to put a healthy meal on the table or a kiss on a cheek. But even with my imperfections and misguided actions, I now have the opportunity to stand back and marvel at the amazing and wonderful adults they are. These, who once were children, are now all productive, caring, talented, gifted, thoughtful, service-oriented, motivated, creative, kind, and generous adults that have made positive contributions to this world. It wasn’t anything that I did, but it was because they were amazing spirits way before they ever came to this earth; they are strong and valiant even with an imperfect mother.

I think of my own mother, who came from a meager upbringing, who lost her father when she was only in her early 20’s. I think of her many years of hard work and perseverance, how both she and my father sacrificed to provide for their five children (I was the youngest) and made sure that we had all we needed. She didn’t work outside the home, but made home a heaven filled with the waffling sweet smells of homemade bread, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. Sunday always included church attendance and we were rewarded with a delicious meal of roast beef, potatoes, gravy, corn and homemade rolls. We lived across the road from the elementary school I attended and without fail, she was waiting with a delicious warm meal and a treat when I came home for lunch. When school was out, she was always waiting and ready for me with a yummy snack before going out to play or finishing homework. It may be what some would call an ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ way to grow up, but I have come to understand the important and stable foundation it created for me in my life. I might be thinking too simply, but I believe that many of the world’s troubles today could be solved by having a loving and nurturing mother waiting at home to embrace you and welcome you back in to the safe sanctuary of home with a plate full of cookies.

I am so grateful for my two older daughters who have taken the uncommon path to leave their careers and stay at home with their little ones. They are brave and courageous to stand their ground while making this sacrifice knowing it is what’s best for their children. It’s a tough choice to make in our modern world as our current culture tries to convince us that our identity and worth is based on our profession or how much money we make. Motherhood, something that ought to be revered, is scoffed and diminished. 

I think of Eve, the mother of all living, who made the courageous decision to eat the fruit so that we would have the opportunity to come and experience this mortal life and be given the opportunity to have experiences and choose. I think of the many other amazing and dedicated women throughout history that have made significant contributions through following their purpose and mission of being mothers. I think of those of you who have never had a nurturing, loving mother while here on this mortal journey and for this Mother’s Day and many days to come, I pray for you to experience peace.  

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