Where Love Lives…

“When you fall in love, fall in love with their SOUL. Because one day the CHEMISTRY will wane. And one day the external beauty will fade. But the SOUL is AGELESS and ETERNAL. It’s the REAL, authentic you, devoid of EGO. It’s where LOVE LIVES.”
Daniel Nielson

Many of us, when looking for a partner, seek to find someone with similar interests. For women especially, this “common interests” thread creates a connection and we are all about finding connection. We begin to experience all these warm and fuzzy feelings about that person and start to imagine a future with them based on these common interests. Play tennis together, love to read books, likes to travel, loves the outdoors, etc.

Then a few years, or sometimes just a few months later, you are looking at this person sleeping next to you realizing that you are jogging down two different trails and there is nothing but acres and acres of dense wilderness between in between. This is where a relationship built on common interests will not serve us. Unfortunately, common areas of interest do not have the strength and depth to carry us through the difficult and challenging times that will happen in marriage.

When seeking to find a partner, be cautious getting caught up in the “common interests” illusion but seek instead to find someone with shared Core Values. Core Values create the fundamental nucleus of your marriage and provides direction for the choices you will be making together as a couple for your shared future. Shared Core Values have the depth and strength to carry you through the difficult times that may be ahead.

What are your Core Values? What are his Core Values? The Awaken Your Divine Feminine Workshop For Women will teach you how to identify your Core Values along with other great information and tools regarding reconnecting with your feminine essence, how to get your needs met, creating through Divine Alignment, and much more. Check out more information about this workshop by clicking HERE.

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