Story of the Golden Buddha

In the mid 50’s, a new highway was to be built which required a monastery be relocated. Arrangements were made for a crane to come move a 10 foot tall clay Buddha to its new location.  As the crane attempted to lift the statue, the statue began to crack. Wanting to protect their priceless shrine, the monks requested it be lowered it back down and wait for more powerful equipment the next day. It began to rain so the monks lovingly covered the statue with tarps to protect it and keep the moisture off.  Late in the night, one of the monks and went out to make sure the Buddha had remained covered.  When the light of his flashlight passed across the crack of the clay, he saw a shimmer…something was glistening beneath the clay covering. With excitement, he immediately began to carefully chisel away pieces of clay.  Hours later, when all the clay had been removed…there stood a Buddha made of solid gold! 

Now for the rest of the story. Over three hundred years ago the Burmese army planned an attack to invade Thailand.  This was during the time the country was known as Siam and the Siamese monks were in possession of this beautiful gold Buddha statue  The statue stood at over 10 feet tall, weighed in excess of 2 ½ tons, and was made of solid gold. The statue was priceless for reasons that transcend money; but the monks knew that their enemy would stop at nothing to steal the statue because of its tremendous monetary value. So they derived a plan and covered the Golden Buddha with 12 inches of clay hoping that the warriors would ignore it and believe it worthless. The plan worked and the Buddha remained untouched but the monks were slain and the secret of the Golden Buddha remained hidden for two centuries until the time when its relocation became necessary. (Credit for this story goes to Jack Canfield and his book, The Success Principles.)

Each of us, when we were born into this earthly life, our spirits took on this mortal physical body just as the Buddha took on a covering of clay. Scriptures tell us that even Jesus Christ took on a mantle of clay when He entered this mortal life. Christ knew who He was but we no longer have a clear and conscious remembrance of the amazing, divine, spiritual beings we are! And often, we may add even more layers of clay in an effort to protect ourselves and cope with our human and oft times painful life experiences.

Still, beneath all these of layers of clay the gold still remains…..our divine, true identity. And just as the monk chipped away at the clay, we too, can choose to begin to carve off our layers of clay, heal past hurts, recover from addictions, forgive, let go of attachments and expectations, and begin to love and embrace our individual uniqueness and allow our light to shine.  Then all of the priceless golden goodness that is who we are is ready to shine and come forth… I invite you join me and begin the process to uncover it NOW!

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