What if it were possible to create the kind of relationships you want in 2019?

There is so much magic and promise that comes with the beginning of something new. Whether it’s a new outfit, a new vehicle, a new job, a new level of learning, a new blog! And here we are…blessed with a new year and all the possibilities that await. Yay!

This is a time that is typically bursting with predictable New Year’s Resolutions regarding weight loss, exercise, eating healthier, etc. Let’s not mention that 80% of these resolutions have failed by the time February comes around. This year I invite you to consider something a little different. What if you were to choose a different way of taking care of yourself this year and begin to create the kinds of relationships you want to experience? Relationships with your spouse, children, family, coworkers, colleagues, etc.? Relationships filled with partnership, love, loyalty, respect, and cooperation.

How is it even possible to effect that much change with that many different relationships? The thought might be overwhelming. What a huge amount of people to please. But the answer isn’t about the need to please them. The answer is simple….It’s about focusing on yourself – getting yourself in divine alignment, connecting with your true identity, positively shifting the way you think, perceive and act which paves the way for you create what you want in your life.

Amongst my other goals for this year of eating healthier and exercising more, it is my desire to provide a platform of support to you as you continue on your personal and spiritual growth path including a newsletter and blog.  Through these I hope to provide thought-provoking ideas, tips, reminders, and other gems of wisdom for your consideration. I will also keep you updated on classes on workshops.

So……are you ready to start creating something new?

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